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Enabling easier movement, flexibility, pain relief and calmness.

Awareness Through Movement classes.

Gentle Movement Classes that teach Body-Brain Mapping.

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Current Series of Lessons

Week of 8/11 - Week of 6/12

New Series

Week of 25/1 - Week of 22/2

$50 for 5 Weeks of Classes

For Face to Face Class in Mackay, phone 0418 192 136 or email me

Registered Practitioner - Sue Vonthien

Be guided by Sue, experienced and qualified practitioner, to move through a sequence of small, effortless movements, generally while lying on a mat.

You will be surprised, as your attention is drawn to aspects of your movement which are generally below your radar, how powerful these classes are.

"I use to wake up every morning with hip pain and my movement was very limited."

"Thanks to Sue, the hip pain is gone, I feel so much better in my body."

"Now I move because I want to. I even started doing playful activities to increase my balance and strength and it feels good!"

If you want to improve how you do things in everyday life, then taking a series of 5 lessons with It’s in the Move will give you the chance to see positive results.

It's Your Move

Call Sue: 0418 192 136

Connect with Sue on facebook: @itsinthemove

You can have your own private sessions with Sue.

This is an individual session, tailored to specifically meet your need and situation.

Sue who is an experienced and qualified practitioner, uses gentle touch as she guides your movement to allow the nervous system to sense what is possible.

This lesson is usually sitting or lying, comfortably clothed on a padded table. Sue focuses on ensuring all movement is pain free, with comfort being a high priority.

$70 per hour session 3 lesson package (recommended) - $190

Call Sue: 0418 192 136

Connect with Sue on facebook: @itsinthemove

"I had forgotten what it was like to feel comfortable!"

"Sue focused on helping me find pain free positions during the sessions.

Want to know how Sue does it?

Sue is a Feldenkrais Practitioner and she knows that as children, most of us could move pretty well, in fact we loved moving. Over the course of time, things may have changed. For a start, the brain makes movement habitual, rather than exploratory. That is practical – imagine having to work out how to walk each day. Yet habitual movement creates wear and tear. Add to that the effect of daily working posture, injury, beliefs and even persistent emotions. The end result might be less flexibility, stiffness and pain or discomfort. In other scenarios, you might be a tennis player frustrated with your serve, a violinist with a persistent sore back, a singer seeking a more powerful voice. Each of these situations can benefit from the Feldenkrais method.

Grounded in the principles of neuroplasticity, this method shows that it is possible to change the way that we move and perform the tasks we want to do easily and effectively. Through the sensation of gentle and pain free movements, the brain is able to experience and become aware of better ways of moving and living. The Feldenkrais method is not a series of treatments but rather a re-education of the mind and body.

It is a rediscovery of how all parts of a person’s body are connected and contribute to effective movement. Rather than have something done to you or having to follow instructions about a specific regimen, it is a way of you becoming more aware of what you do and how you might find more satisfying alternatives.

More information: Feldenkrais Guild of Australia Facebook page

Find your move

Call Sue: 0418 192 136

Connect with Sue on facebook: @itsinthemove

Want to know a little more about Sue?

During 28 years as a teacher and Primary School Principal, and longer as a Mum, Sue experienced various stresses and strains on her body and emotions. In the last 10 years of her career, Sue was delighted to discover a class which enabled her to learn how she could change this, by understanding her habits of moving and being and then experiencing how this could be different.

It was so gentle but the back and neck pain she had had for years disappeared.

Since undertaking a 4 year training program to become a practitioner, Sue has enjoyed helping other people re-discover better movement options in such a gentle but powerful way.

It's In The Move

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